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Branding & Design
in a cup

"You wake up and start running." Movement is present in our daily lives from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, but what if we transform it into a harmonious motion? You arrive at the café, order a coffee, and magic happens. This is the concept behind the new cups designed for Nescafé Horeca, "The Calm Movement."

Brand strategy - Product 2D & 3D

Production consultancy

Agency Lacia

Client Nescafé

NES01 CGI Boceto LR.jpg
Sketch nescafé
NES01 Boceto3.jpg
Boceto nescafé
NES01 Boceto4.jpg
nescafé design

3D Product Design

Strategy, product design, CAD, CGI rendering, production...

NES01 CGI Escena frontal picada LR.jpg
Nescafé rendering
Diseño taza nescafé
Nescafé cap design
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