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Método R

Branding & Packaging Design

Design of the product image for the cosmetic brand "Método R" that required a modern and responsible packaging, showcasing elegance and respect for the planet.

It started with a simple concept of packaging specifically selected for the brand; the color range responds to the need to segment the "Método R" routine into three steps: morning, day, and night. A classic typography, commonly found in medical-scientific iconography, stands out.

The secondary packaging is responsible for reflecting a fundamental principle of the brand - sustainability. It is made of Kraft cardboard, water-based inks, and without a white base to reduce the use of inks.

Brand strategy - Packaging design 2D & 3D

Production consultancy - web consultancy

Retail & E-commerce

Client Método R

MR04_Airless A front.jpg
Cleansing Oil
Cleansing Oil Método R
MR04_Airless A front.jpg
Exfoliating Cleanser
Exfoliating Cleanser Método R
MR04_Airless A front.jpg
Comfort Cream
Comfort Cream Método R
MR04_Airless A front.jpg
Antiox Serum
Antiox serum Método R
MR04_Airless A front.jpg
Hydration Gel-Cream
Hydration Gel-Cream Método R
Pattern Método R


Sustainable design consulting, die-cut development, final artwork, follow-up production.

MR04_Airless A front.jpg
caja ecommerce Método R
Diseño caja ecommerce
MR04_Airless A front.jpg
Diseño caja e-commerce
Diseño packging e commerce
Bodegón Estuches.jpg
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