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El aperitivo

Visual identity for the foodtropia product range. A gourmet brand with a focus on quality products.

A simple and clear structure where two elements predominate: the brand reflecting a commitment to excellence, and the product represented with a hand-drawn watercolor that captures the spirit of a range of carefully selected products.


The splash of color adds contrast and to the packaging, highlighting the product and allowing for differentiation among products while maintaining a well defined identity and personality.

Brand Strategy - Identity - Illustration - Production

Client foodtropia

Gama foodtropia

Cleanliness & brightness

mejillones foodtropia
2_Arte y pack_tomate.jpg
7_Arte y pack_Aceitunas.jpg
8_Arte y pack_Bombones.jpg
8_Arte y pack_Pato.jpg
6_Arte y pack_Aceite.jpg
9_Arte y pack_Pan.jpg
3_Arte y pack_Ribeiro.jpg
Arte y pack copia.jpg
4_Arte y pack_Rioja.jpg
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